How To Start an Online Travel Portal in India ?

how to start a online travel portal in india, how to start a travel portal in india

Snapshot of Indian Travel Industry

  • 11 billion market
  • Expected to grow 7 to 8% in 2014
  • Next phase of growth is E-commerce which i growing at the whopping rate of 88% annually.
  • Mobile penetration still in growth phase.

Challenges (These are the opportunity as well.)

  • Consumer acceptance
  • Airline’s trust
  • Industry practices
  • Tech infrastructure
  • Hotels and Holidays are still untapped market

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Who can start?

Anyone can start it with less capital with reliable technology partner to bank upon for technology infrastructure. Without being IATA, you can outsource third party API and start your Travel Portal


  • Required to develop a Travel Portal : Search and find trusted Technology partner who can assist you developing the Travel Portal as per your requirement and even can guide you for the same.
  • Get the API : With a help from your chosen Technology Partner, get the API for your services like Airline, Recharge, Bus, Hotel.
  • Operations : To handle operations you must aware of doing Online Transactions and should be equipped with basic computer knowledge.
  • Marketing : You need to know about Internet Marketing. You can outsource this work to external agencies

 Basic Knowledge

  • Computer skills
  • Basic accounting
  • Basic management

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