The Land of the Greeks – Graecia

Greece, a country offering coup d’oeil of sanguinity and splendor, has become one of the most popular holiday destinations amongst travelers from all across the globe. It offers a perfect getaway to shun away from the ennui of your life. On your visit to Greece, you simply cannot miss to see the top five cities of Greece that offer you a wide galore of recreation away from the mundane affairs of your life.

Athens: Quaint Amalgamation of Beauty and History



The capital city of Greece has a history dating back to more than 3000 years when it was first inhabited on the rock of Acropolis. Athens is a true representation of what Europe was a millennia ago i.e. the birthplace of humanity. From excursion spots such as harbor of Piraeus to National Archeological Museum, and place of Modern civilization, Acropolis, Athens is a must visit destination for the visitors. Idyllic ambience, restaurants, spectacular beaches, cafes, souvenir shops, ethnic cuisines, and all what you desire on your holidays can be found in this city.

Santorini: The City Synonymous With Charisma


Drown in the luxury and experience the serenity of this spectacular city, Santorini that offers scads of options to the visitors to enjoy. Whether you have tied your nuptial knot or are looking to spend some time alone, Santorini is surely the city to halt at. This city encompasses cerulean landscapes, traditional villages, tall cliffs, breathtaking views, and a dream-like setting to the tourists. And, one place that you surely cannot give a pass is Oia, the major destination that is renowned for its stunning sunsets.

Mykonos: Limitless Fun and Frolic



If you are looking for never ending fun and frolic on your visit to Greece, then Mykonos is the most desirable place for you. You can see Cycladic cubist style architecture all over the Mykonos. It is a city packed with beautiful white little houses having blue windows and flowers, pigeon keepers, wonderful cares as well as restaurants, hand painted streets, chimneys, aplenty little churches, and windmills. In nutshell, this serene like city is a must head towards for the travelers who wish to loosen themselves and rest their tired bones

Naxos: Replete Of Natural Grandeur and Marvel

Naxos Naxos

One of the largest Greek islands, Naxos is a nuptial isle of Dionysus. It is characterized for its picturesque villages, sandy beaches, Venetian town, fertile valleys, and Portara, the marble gate. A visit to this island can leave you spellbound and the magnificence is certainly going to cast a magical spell on you. In addition, the beaches of the island such as Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Sahara, Plaka, Mikri Vigla, and so on act as the cherry on the top in your holiday experience.

Crete: Dynamic City with Recreation Galore

crete crete

Crete is a proud island of Greece that witnesses amass crowd during the holiday season. This mountainous destination welcomes the tourists and allows them to unwind themselves. Also, the diverse flora and fauna of the island makes it a must visit for the tourists.

visit to these five cities of Greece can offer you the most gratifying experience of your life.

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