Enterprises moving in a Hyperconnected era


Internet hyper connected, Inter linked

Collaboration of IT and telecommunication is paving the way of higher efficiency and cost effectiveness for enterprises

We are presently living in an era of overflowing data where every day it is being generated in terabytes across the globe. But which sector is generating so much of data every day? It is the enterprise group that is overflowing with data and it is not an easy task to maintain so much of data. For that the enterprises need an integrated technology of information and communication to preserve those. Both are very much interwoven these days, as preserving the data is not enough for an enterprise. Access to the same is another crucial aspect of it. Only storage of data will not be of any use to enterprise, proper utilization of it will enhance the performance.

It is seen globally that enterprises have understood the need of this integrated technology and they are embracing it with open arms. In enterprise sector smart devices and cloud computing has become a necessity in the day to day operation. The enterprises adopting this new model of technology are largely improving on their operational efficiency. Cloud computing has helped this segment to centralise data and it has also reduced the cost of information storage, whereas, mobile devices has irradicated the dependency on conventional workstations, as a consequence it is increasing the efficiency of enterprises.

Another major trend that is quite visible is unified communication which means collaboration of IT and telecommunication, giving a boost to interoperability. This collaboration is removing the obstacles of connecting the cloud computing, telecommunication networks and the mobile devices. This results in easy communication and administering for the enterprises with other branches of distant places.

The convergence of IT and telecommunication is gaining momentum by the passing days for enterprises and will be an important part of technological innovations. The economy worldwide has seen many ups and downs so both enterprises and governments are taking equal initiative in these technologies to stabilize growth. This has led to the formation of a new hyperconnected era which is working as a pivot for enterprises to have a sustainable growth.


Source : Aparna Mullick


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