Important Tips To Choose Right Technology Partner for Your Portal Development, Web Portal & E-Commerce Portal Development

Tips to choose right Travel Technology Partner, How to choose travel technology partner

Portal Development is often considered a light job or we often misunderstood that it is as simple as it looks. Though it is not as difficult as you may now be presuming but it can be lot simpler if you choose right Technology Partner.

Below are main features which client should look into while deciding the right partner to hang on with. These features is applicable to any e-commerce portal, Job, Education, Travel, Recharge Portal Development.

Features :

  1. Product Placement
  2. Easy To Use
  3. SEO friendly
  4. Social Networking Profile Login System.
  5. Reliability
  6. Technology Up-gradation : Partner should  enable and compose the platform that can accommodate future technologies.
  7. Life Cycle

Basic module which must be integrated:

  1. Booking Engine Module
  2. Support or Customer Care Module
  3. Accounts & Invoice Module
  4. Payment Gateway Module
  5. Inventory or API Management Module
  6. SMS and Email Module
  7. Vendor Management
  8. User Management (User may be your B2C Custome or B2B Agents or Distributor
  9. CMS (Content Management Solutions)

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