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Configuring your email client: Thunderbird (Mozilla)

1. Open Thunderbird.
2. Click the ‘Tools’ menu, and select ‘Accounts.’
3. Click ‘Add Account,’.
4. Select ‘Email Account,’ then click ‘Next.’
5. Identity
A) Enter ‘Your Name’ as you would like it to appear.
B) Enter ‘E-mail Address’ in the form of ‘’ (replace with your e-mail addresses).
6. Server Information
A) Select ‘Pop’.
B) Enter ‘’ (replace with your domain) in the ‘Incoming Server’ field.
7. Enter your full e-mail address (in the form of in the ‘Incoming User Name’ field.
8. Enter a name for your account in the ‘Account Name’ field. Click ‘Next’.
9. Click ‘Finish’.

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