How to achieve Success and Happiness in Life ?

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How to achieve Success and Happiness in Life ?

Special Note : This is based upon scientific study, I even comes across such lectures during my MBA and many great people like Steve Jobs, Einstein, David, great scholar like Radhakrishnamurti and etc

A gratitude journal can be used to bring more abundance in your life. It will help you to keep your focus on being thankful for your daily blessings that you may be overlooking, the things that you might take for granted. At first you may not see results like sudden windfalls of cash being dropped at your doorstep. Only focusing on material benefits is not the point. By bringing your awareness into your morning routine, you can get yourself ready for the rest of the day to be open to giving and receiving. Being in a state of gratitude will lift your mood and shift your awareness to a higher level. If you are weighted down with worry and distress, you may overlook any personal and career growth opportunities.

How to write Journal ?
How you chose to format your journaling is up to you. You may find it best to write one thing you are grateful for every morning.

  • Some will write down one thing they are thankful for and focus on it throughout the day, it could be a loving partner, the roof over your head, your job, pet or your health.
  • You can also create a weekly personal affirmation like “I am grateful and open for the opportunities to create abundance.” Write it down and place it where you can see it throughout your day, carry it with you and re-read it periodically or meditate on it each morning before you start your day.

Remember that your gratitude should also be focused for your future blessings, once you have a strong sense of gratefulness for what you have in the present you can move on to creating a brighter future.

The world’s most successful people, celebrities, actors, journalists, and authors have used a success journal or vision board to help create the future of their dreams. This is not a wishing well concept that will grant your wishes while you sit back and wait, it is another tool that keeps you focused on your goal. This means you will need to change your behavior today and start acting as if you have met your goals. This is not an exercise for practice, but a lifestyle change. To start, you can treat your things as if they are at their higher valued counterparts. Would you toss trash into the back seat of your Land Rover or BMW? No, you wouldn’t. Stop the self-negative talk, stop saying “I can’t afford that!” or “Someday…” Go where the successful people are. Shop where they shop, dine where they dine. This doesn’t mean you live or spend money beyond your means, it just means that you are getting comfortable with the lifestyle and are no longer intimidated by it. Try on high quality clothes, test drive luxury cars, peruse the nicer neighborhoods. Walk into a high-end shop like you are going to buy, ask questions, act successful, and feel successful. Write down your successes every day no matter how small they are. The more you acknowledge your wins, the more positive achievements will come your way.

If you’re holding onto to your material possessions too much, find a way to let go. Some of your things are sentimental; they are nostalgic reminders, if you were to lose them, could you survive without them? Yes, of course you can. By letting go we open ourselves up to newer and better things with a high purpose, it may be a trip to an exotic place we’ve always wanted to go. But if our mind is set in a place of “lack,” we will convince ourselves that we can’t achieve our goals and we will continue to look for excuses to fail.

In my next post, i will post How To Write Such Journals or click here to read it.

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