Achieve Happiness and Enlightenment (In Your Life) – By David R. Hawkins

Emotions and Human Behavior, Map of Consciousness or Enlightenment Scale by David R. Hawkins,

Achieve Happiness and Enlightenment (In Your Life) – By David R. Hawkins

You can achieve all this and more by gaining a better understanding of the human behavior with the help of different scales that have been discovered and described by various scientists.

“Dr. David R. Hawkins designed a Map of Consciousness that explains different levels of human consciousness. This map can be used as a scale to reach higher levels of enlightenment with the help of Kinesiology, the science of testing muscle responses based on various stimuli.

According to Hawkins theory, a weaker mental state leads to a weaker body and thus, a lack of tension and strength in the muscles. Whereas, a mind that is calm and in control will be able to function in a better way, leading to a stronger body and muscular structure. The science of Kinesiology has been tested and proven, and using it with Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness can help you in determining your own level of consciousness and awareness within your body.
Using various positive and negative stimuli, you can gain responses from your body and determine your own level of consciousness. Once you are aware of your level, you can aim to achieve a higher level of consciousness by introducing other positive stimuli in your life and surroundings – always fill you life with people, events and thoughts that calibrate higher than where you are. Hawkins’ research revealed that 85% of the world population are below 200 energy level points, so below the level of courage.
The map of consciousness states the following levels on the Enlightenment Scale:

  • Enlightenment 700-1000 (this is the highest level of human consciousness)
  • Peace 600
  • Joy 540
  • Love 500
  • Reason 400
  • Acceptance 350
  • Willingness 310
  • Neutrality 250
  • Courage 200 (this is the level of empowerment, where you are aware that you are in charge of your own growth and success

Below 200 (below the critical level of integrity):

  • Pride 175
  • Anger 150
  • Desire 125
  • Fear 100
  • Grief 75
  • Apathy 50
  • Guilt 30 (associated with remorse, self recrimination, suicidal or worthlessness thoughts)
  • Shame 20 (associated with brutality, paranoia, bizarre crimes or sexual abuse)
  • Death 0 (this is the lowest energy level)

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