HTML 5 – Its advantages and disadvantages

HTML 5 – Its advantages and disadvantages
html 5 - advantages and disadvantages


HTML 5 is a latest freshest adaptation of HTML which includes many advantages like it is possible to embed video and audio, high quality drawing. Using HTML5 different
technologies can elaborate on the features. it is highly advanced for using media files directly such as audio,video,graphics, etc. Moreover it enables direct adding
of css files.

1. Mutuality.
2. Cleaner markup / Improved Code.
3. Improved Semantics
4. Developing for HTML5 saves you time, allowing you to code the app once and deploy it on any platform. While the code may still need to be optimized for different
mobile browsers, this is not nearly as much work as coding it again. Additionally, users are able to access HTML5 apps without downloading them to their phones.
Additionally, the location of the app on the web can make it easy to integrate with usage from…

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