But Its True, Meditation Can Help You in Reducing Weight. Scientifically Proven Facts

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Meditation and visualization are empowering tools to enhance consciousness and self-awareness and to focus the mind. Visualization is a healthy way of bringing positive energy into your mind, body and spirit, expanding your capacity for creativity. Meditation and visualization experiences will vary; it is best to let go of expectations and surrender to your own inner wisdom.

Visualization in meditation
In meditation, the mind concentrates while the body relaxes; an effective position in which to begin visualization. You may find it helpful to consult visualization scripts or relaxation scripts before you try on your own. When the mind is clear and the body is relaxed, you can engage the imagination to visualize images and ideas. Meditation and visualization have the power to teach and heal. Visualization is one method of using the mind to influence the body.
Here is an example of an easy relaxation script for meditation: “Breathing in, I relax. Breathing out, I smile.” Repeat this as long as you like, visualizing your body relaxing as you continue. Notice the physical changes.

With short-term goals, such as organizing clutter, or a challenging meeting with someone, use it for 3 to 5 days. You’ll be surprised by how naturally it gets done!

For longer-term goals like weight loss or becoming your real, authentic self, use this strategy for a minimum of one month. Results will start budding after several days and will bloom fully after more time. As you do it daily, you’ll come closer to each desired positive outcome.

As per research as discussed in Dr Oz Show recently, People often eats to either due to physical hunger or emotional hunger. People tends to eat when they are in distress or stress. Mediatation controls the same and help people clams thier emotinal hunger or desire.

Let’s do it together!

Sample for yourself now how easy this creative visualization strategy is and how beautifully it works. This specific example is for weight loss.
Adjust the wording for your own specific weight loss goals.

OK, now that you’re relaxed, here is the sequence:

  1. Imagine or picture yourself sitting comfortably
  2. Visualize your body at its present weight
  3. Include details like your hair and clothing, head to toe
  4. Imagine that your present body feels great, top to bottom (if you have body pain, this can help relieve it)
  5. Visualize a happy, peaceful or contented expression on your face
  6. Now connect for several moments to your heart chakra in the center of your chest… focus on warm energy there
  7. Next, imagine holding a meeting there with your higher self, however you think of it
  8. Your higher self tells you how happy she/he is with you, just the way you are now
  9. Allow yourself to accept unconditional love from your higher self
  10. If you feel any resistance, sadness, negativity etc., stop and breathe more deeply for a few minutes, then repeat the last 4 points
  11. Now for just 30-60 seconds, visualize your body at your desired weight (remember to be reasonable and gentle; consider your age and body type)

Open your eyes, breathe deeply once or twice, rub your hands together, connect with your body and continue your day

Visualization works! Remember, results follow your focus so focus on what you want to have!

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