Facebook flops : 17 Failed Facebook Products – Who Says Success Does Not Come with Failure

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1. Facebook Home – An attempt to put Facebook as a skin on top of Android, Facebook Home was unveiled in April 2013 to a generally poor reception, and has not picked up in popularity since.

2. Facebook Deals – Facebook launched a coupon service in April 2011 as a competitor to Groupon. It closed after just four months.

3. Facebook Gifts – Facebook Gifts launched in September 2012, providing an online shop for members to send physical presents to other members, like sweets, cookies or soft toys. It closed in August 2013 after failing to take off.

4. Facebook Offers – Facebook Offers provided coupons that can be redeemed when making online purchases, but was largely withdrawn in June 2013, after a lukewarm reception

5. Facebook Credits – A virtual currency for buying goods on Farmville and other games within Facebook, Facebook Credits launched in 2011 but phased out in September 2013 after users complained it was confusing and restrictive.

6. Autofill with Facebook – This function uses Facebook credentials for purchases on other websites, by getting users to put their credit card information into Facebook. It was launched in September 2013 but hasn’t proved popular.

7. Facebook Inbox – Facebook Inbox started offering users an @facebook.com email address in November 2010. It was quietly dropped last February after Facebook admitted most people weren’t using it.

8. Facebook HTML to FBML – Facebook tried to replace HTML (hypertext markup language) with its own version: FBML (Facebook markup language) but abandoned the idea in March 2011.

9. Facebook Lite – Facebook launched a minimalist ‘Lite’ version for users with slower broadband connections but phased it out just eight months later in April 2010.

10. Facebook Poke – Facebook quietly dropped its competitor to Snapchat, called ‘Poke’, an app that lets users send messages, photos or videos that disappear after up to ten seconds, in May 2014, after just 17 months

11. Facebook Slingshot – Facebook Slingshot, launched in June 2014, was another attempt to compete with Snapchat. However adoption has remained low, with users complaining it’s less easy to use than its rival.

12. Facebook Questions – Facebook retired its polling feature ‘Questions’ in October 2012, just a couple of years after it launched.

13. Facebook Places – Places, a response to the then success of Foursquare, allowed users to ‘check in’ and share their locations on Facebook. It was discreetly discontinued in August 2011.

14. Frictionless sharing – Frictionless sharing’ was an approach to sharing content without user intervention promoted by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at F8 in 2011. It was dropped a year later after it sparked privacy concerns among users.

15. Facebook Beacon – Facebook Beacon was part of the site’s advertising system that sent data on what users had bought to Facebook advertisers so they could be targeted better. The controversial service was shut down in September 2009 after a class action lawsuit.

16. Facebook Sponsored Stories – ‘Sponsored Stories’ was conceived as a way to convert ‘Likes’ into testimonials, often without users’ permission. It was killed off after a £13 million class action lawsuit in August 2013.

17. Facebook Phone – The HTC First, known as the Facebook Phone, was declared a disaster after selling just 15,000 handsets in its first month, causing AT&T to drop its price from £68 to £0.67 on a two-year contract.


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