The Incredible Buddha Boy – Scientific Community Puzzled After Meditating Buddha Boy Goes Without Food or Water For 10 Months

buddha boy

A legend is growing in Nepal, where people say a meditating boy hasn’t eaten or drunk in seven months. He barely moves, just sits under a tree, still as a stone. It’s impossible, some say. Is it a miracle? A hoax? Let’s find out.


Is it possible for humans to not eat or consume water for longer than 3 or 4 days? What used to be scientifically impossible is now under great question as a teenage boy in South-Central Nepal meditated for 10 months and did not consume food or water during the entire time. This story is receiving more attention these days as the world continues to open up to new possibilities. Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as “Buddha Boy” decided one day to go to a tree in Nepal and begin meditating for what he initially said would be 6 years. His actions quickly became a huge news story as he received attention from thousands of visitors. The media also had a field day with his story as he attracted journalists and film makers from all over the world. One of the most notable pieces of attention came when a Discovery Channel film crew traveled to Nepal to determine if it was possible for a human to abstain from all forms of sustenance.

Going into the film, the general understanding was that a human could live for several weeks without food simply by living off of fat and protein stores within the body. The troubling thing when it came to studying Buddha Boy was that the average human can only last about 3 or 4 days without water; he was being observed for longer than 4 days and was showing no signs of dehydration. To determine whether or not it was an elaborate hoax, the film crew set up cameras for 96 straight hours where they observed his every move -or lack there of. Their observations determined there were no hidden water pipes or food sources. What they were witnessing through their extensive filming was what some would call a scientific impossibility.

A meditating teenage boy in south-central Nepal who went without food or water for 10 months has changed the way we look at modern science and medicine forever. In 2006, Discovery Channel film crew traveled to Nepal to establish if it was possible for a human to abstain from all sustenance, water included, by filming “Buddha Boy” continuously for four days and nights. Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as “Buddha Boy” attracted thousands of visitors and media attention when he began his mysterious meditation without food and water on 16 May 2005. Most people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the average human can survive for only three to four days without water. The film crew was able to film Ram continuously for 96 hours, day and night, during which time he did not change his position and did not drink any fluids or eat any food. The film crew concluded that: “After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive.”

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So this belongs in our Truth category. It’s easy to admire the other-worldly devotion and transcendence of this unique human. Nepal’s Ram Bahadur Bomjon was an odd child who left to meditate, as long as 9 months at a time, according to accounts. He’s now on his way to establishing what will surely become a huge source of tourism for Nepal, although there has not been any significant scientific study of this remarkable ascetic. His first recorded public appearance to a sizable crowd happened in 2007. On 2 August 2007, Bomjon addressed a large crowd in Halkhoriya jungle in the Bara district of southern Nepal.

Who is Buddha Boy? This article is the second part of my previous article ‘Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Reincarnation of Lord Buddha?’ which became remarkably popular across the internet. One of the live characters of the real story of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, namely Marici Zsuzsanna Takacs of Slovakia interacted me through this blog and wished to read another piece on this topic. The article is also proudly getting organic readers sent by Google for the latest search on Ram Bahadur Bomjon. Above all, I am morally obliged to write another article on the Buddha Boy. Let’s begin the short and sweet journey.

Surprising News: Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Biography in Course book
Shubharambha Publication, Kathmandu has included the biography of Ram Bahadur Bomjon in its ‘Spark English Reader’ the course book designed for the students of Grade V of private schools in Nepal. According to Himalkhabar Magazine, the chapter with the title ‘Ram Bahadur Bomjon’ has covered many informations about Ram Bahadur Bomjon. See some examples:
– Ram Bahadur Bomjon is the reincarnation of Lord Buddha.
– He has meditated without food and water for several months.
– He had been fed by two Nags {holy snakes} during his meditation.
– He had visited many places like Lumbini, Pokhara and Deharadun before he started Meditation.

What Do Buddhists Think about Buddha Boy? : ”Do you know the Buddha boy of Nepal?” I asked this question to Mr. Sugra Lama, a 40 years old famous, dedicated Buddhist of Nepal. ”Yes.” He replied. ”Do you think he is the incarnation of Lord Buddha?” ”He does not say he is Buddha.” ”OK, do you say like that?’ ”Gautama Buddha says everyone can be Buddha.” Mr. Lama replied.

The Mysterious Event : According to a website of Nijgadh, Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s brothers Ganagajeet, Shyam and Babu along with sister Manamaya have already gone to Malaysia for employment. The sudden movement of this family has made a mysterious question for all. The family has enough land for agriculture in the village. However they have gone foreign country for employment.

Where is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now? : According to the Himalkhabar Magazine of Nepal, he had left Halkhoria forest one year ago. He had gone to Kamalamai municipality of Sindhuli. But he decided to return Halkhoria. Before he returned, Nepal police destroyed his two houses made in jungle. Now he is living at Pattharghat-1, of Sarlahi district in Nepal.

Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Reincarnation of Lord Buddha? : Wednesday, February 06, 2013 Religion No comments
I found lots of articles and people searching on the web about Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also called the Buddha Boy born in Nepal which is the birth place of Gautam Buddha. Coincidentally, the name of the mother of this Buddha Boy is also Mayadevi. There are a number of websites and blogs on the web which narrate stories of Ram Bahadur Bomjon. It is pretty good to inform you that Ratanpur, Nepal, birth place of Ram Bahadur Bomjon is just 10 km far from my hometown. This fact obliged me to write at least a single article about him. Even though, my words in this article about Ram Bahadur Bomjon are not my personal thoughts. What I believe and what I don’t about Ram Bahadur Bomjon is part of another article. In this article I am writing those things about him which I knew from ave news, a news television of Nepal, Prateek Daily, a local Magazine from Birgunj and some local people talking about him. So you can read and believe this article by using your own conscience.

This Buddha boy was highlighted by national and international Medias when he began his mysterious meditation without food and water on 16th May 2005. Discovery Channel also broadcasted a 45 minutes documentary about him. Then, thousand of devotees, researchers and common people began to flood in the Ratanpur Jungle to visit this new Buddha. People believed him as reincarnation of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. His parents narrated his story of childhood as divine story. A specialized website was also created on him.
Buddha Boy’s popularity declined with time. Several rumors began to be heard in the community. Mostly negative messages spread. I collected some stories scattered in the society. Some of them are listed below:
Lately, Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s two storied building had been found in the Halkhoriya forest where he was staying for a long time. The government officials blames that his frequently moving nature has caused deforestation. The ave news reports that his supporters also demanded citizenship in the name of religion. They also demanded Red Passport for him. Prateek Daily says that Nepal Police have already decided to destroy the constructed buildings in Halkhoria Jungle. He has left the jungle on 32nd Jestha, 2069 BS. Now the construction has been totally destroyed by the Nepal police. But he has not come back yet. He is actually staying in Sindhuli district of Nepal.


One thought on “The Incredible Buddha Boy – Scientific Community Puzzled After Meditating Buddha Boy Goes Without Food or Water For 10 Months

  1. See and watch .
    Ram Bahadur Bomjon (previously known as Palden Dorje, currently known as Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha) is widely respected in Nepal and abroad as the Buddha Boy. He has a strong group of followers in Nepal and abroad, from many areas, including political personalities and influential businessmen. In contrary to his teachings about non-violence, world-peace and compassion, his own actions and the deeds of his followers are often reported by victims, witnesses and the media as violent and morally inconsistent. Due to the prolonged political crisis in Nepal the situation still does not allow a valid law enforcement (A), thus the extensively controversial behavior of Ram Bahadur Bomjon can go unnoticed and often unrecorded, and the perpetrators are enjoying impunity (B) (C). This situation had been described on The Himalayan Times, asking “Is Buddhaboy above the law?”(1).
    Due to a proactive “reputation-clearing-campaign” (see below article) announced by a prominent devotee of Maha Sambodhi, in September 2012, a significant amount of controversial articles had disappeared from the Nepali online media (the list of “emptied links” is below this article), or had been made practically unsearchable on the Internet, as for example the once regularly updated The Himalayan Times articles dealing with the “Buddha Boy”.
    The Irregular Times
    A good source of the history of all controversies about Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, with a relatively open discussion forum are articles on the Irregular Times:Ram Bomjon gone wild (2), The reign of terror continues. (3) Cases “dumped” by the Nepali media and police are still openly discussed here.
    The first victim – Anil Khatri
    A clear sign about this activity is a copied post (4) by Niranjan Kunwar, with a link to the original article about Bomjon’s first known victim of violence, then 22-year old Anil Khatri, where the original text is no longer accessible. According to Ratanpuri locals the shepherd boy had wandered around the meditation site of his former shepherd-friend, Bomjon, whom he surprised when he was playing with his sword (the sword clearly shown on a French Television footage) (5), and Bomjon attacked Anil without warning, causing bleeding wounds on his shoulder area. Realizing the severity of his “play”, he requested his brother Dil Bahadur to drive his victim to a medical clinic on his motorbike. The incident happened in 2007. An article (1) of the Himalayan Times is mentioning this already forgotten sword incident (6). Bomjon’s sword was clearly shown on a documentary of the French Television called Soujet Romain Destans: La retour de la Little Bouddha. (6)
    The Spanish woman
    The second widely known victim of the uncontrolled violent tendencies of Ram Bomjon was a Spanish woman, witnessed by Ratanpuri and Piluwa locals, and whose story had been reported on Nepali television. The story of the Spanish woman, according to Ratanpuri residents and Jas Bahadur Waiba from Piluwa, Bomjon’s right hand at the time, was that she had been kidnapped and tied in Bomjon’s Halkhoriya jungle for a few weeks, held and tortured on “witchcraft charges”, and then released in bad condition (skin disease), and let to return home. No news had been told about her afterwards. The devotees of Ram Bomjon considered the “punishment” of the woman an acceptable form of enforcing Dharma.
    The 17 battered villagers
    Another known controversy of the freshly enlightened Buddha Boy is the case of 17 Madeshi men (7) (32), who were allegedly attacked by Bomjon because they were mimicking him while he meditated. The men claimed they were picking rare herbs, which are known to be found only in the area of the Halkhoriya jungle. An article on the same topic published by The Himalayan Times (8), while Sanjib Subedi had retained it here (9).
    The Western foreigner
    The next known victim was a foreign boy (his name not published at his request, but his incident with Bomjon is well known for the Nijgadh Police and Bomjon’s former local followers), who had been severely attacked by the Buddha Boy in the summer of 2011, his head repeatedly banged to the concrete in front of his “office houses” inside the Halkhoriya jungle (currently demolished by Nepali police). Bomjon stopped the beating only after one of the female witnesses broke in tears seeing this. Then the boy had been held one night locked up in an “office house” in the jungle. The next day he managed to climb out the window and escape. After contacting police, he returned to his country.
    The Slovak woman’
    The widely known case of Slovak woman had been reported on Ekantipur (10), on The Himalayan Times (11) and a the recorded documentary of Avenue TV (Tv 24) (12), in this Himalayan Times article (13) or on Globalpost (34).

    Maata Ani of Sindhupalchowk
    During the time of the Slovak woman a Nepali woman known as Maata Ani (a female recluse, meaning “Mother Nun”) had been held captive, and allegedly locked up in a house, for two months. Her condition was similar to the other victims: apparent malnutrition, broken hand, shortly cut hair and a terrorized face. Her interview had been shown on the Nepali Avenue TV (TV 24) in March 2012, in the first part of the documentary (12)
    The Himalayan Times reported the incident here (14).
    Tortures of kidnapped women during the 2012 Maitri Puja
    According to the above mentioned media, the torture of the chained Slovak woman and the locked-up Maata had taken place during the 2012 World-Peace Maitri Puja of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, just a few minutes from the crowded religious ceremony’s venue. While the two women had been tied and regularly beaten, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha was preaching about non-violence, Maitri and compassion to a crowd of thousands of worshipers.
    Bomjon’s own family members as his victims
    When Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s family had seen the Avenue TV news (TV 24) on the Nepali Television, showing the two women after the tortures, they became very worried about the safety of the small sister of Ram Bomjon, Ranjita, staying in his compound at the time. His mother Maya Devi and siblings, Ganga, Dil Bahadur, Manomaya, Shyam and Babula had come to request Bomjon that the teenage girl could go away from such an environment. The girl decided to stay, and Bomjon let his own family members attacked (15), (16) by his followers, a few of them himself thrashing, and locked them up for five days in a house in the jungle, keeping them in bad conditions. The police report filed by them had been reportedly stopped due to the intervention by a Piluwa based sponsor of Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha.
    Attack on journalists
    The Nepali Prime TV (17) had reported the attack of Bomjon’s followers against journalists during his Maitri Puja, who had come to film the scene when the Slovak woman’s disappearance in Bomjon’s jungle had been reported to them. On the footage it is seen how Darshan Subba Limbu, Tomek Tarnowski (Dorje) and other people attack the group of journalists, leaving their equipment damaged. The article of The Himalayan Times (18) details the incident. The Nepali Himalaya TV made a documentary about the incident: Prime Story – Shanti ki Aatanka (19).
    The birth certificate forgery
    In 2012 Bomjon had requested his Sangha to arrange a passport for him. But for this he needed to get a Nepali citizenship ID card, in Nepal issued only after providing a valid birth certificate. But as he wanted to use the name Dharma Sangha on it, the Sangha had bribed a VDC officer (20) to issue a fake birth certificate in this name. When later they requested Bomjon’s mother to provide documents of his real birth certificate, she refused on the basis that he already had one, forged by the VDC. The VDC officer had been questioned by police, yet no charges had been raised.
    The 2012 violent clash between followers and police
    As a result of the birth certificate controversy, the Sangha of Maitriya Guru had went out to the East-West Highway near his jungle compound, at the village Piluwa, and blocked the main transport-vein of South Nepal for three days, holding banners and shouting slogans, demanding that the Government provides their Guru with an ID card in the “Dharma Sangha” name, as well as a diplomatic (red) passport. After locals became impatient with the road block, an attack started against the pro-Bomjon crowd hitting parked cars with sticks, ending in mutual violence (21) which needed a final police intervention.
    Practically all attacked victims till March 2012 had been Bomjon’s devotees before the attacks on them. Bomjon’s reasons for attacking all his victims, as explained in the media (The Himalayan Times, Hindustani Times, etc.), are always the same:
    1. The victim had allegedly disturbed (22) his meditation 2. The victim is mentally disturbed (23) 3. The victim is a spy 4. The victim is a witch (24) 5. The victims themselves had attacked (25) him, and he acted in self-defense.
    Bomjon’s eviction from Halkhoriya
    As a result of the controversial behavior to some individuals, Bomjon had been advised by Nepali authorities (26) to leave his Halkhoriya Jungle compound in 2012. Later on the Nepali Police had demolished (27) his concrete buildings, and only the three-floor “Kajogpa” had remained there. Angry locals had consequently demolished his concrete meditation platform and Stupa, which had covered his underground meditation cellar, where hunters, who became devotees, had deposited their guns in the former years. This cellar had been recently emptied.
    The Sarlahi violence
    After being evicted, Bomjon had settled (23) in Nepal’s Sindhuli District in 2012. From here he had moved to the Sarlahi District the same year. Here another violent incident (28) made the headlines, when his follower and relative Ankit Yonjan had used a sword given by Bomjon to solve farmer disputes against 13 local youths, by attacking, them causing injuries.
    Reputation clearing campaign
    After the amount of controversies had filled the Nepali media with numerous articles, the Official Sangha of Ram Bomjon announced a widespread clear-up of the reputation of their Guru, in Sindhuli, Nepal in 2012, by the decision of its prominent US member, Kishore Sherchand. As a result, a considerable amount of articles published in the Nepali media, as well as critical blogs and videos about the controversial issues about Ram Bahadur Bomjon, had been made deleted, or made unsearchable.
    Replacing the formerly critical Himalayan Times, a blog site had been founded by pro-bomjonists, intriguingly using a similar name and color of their header as the formerly most critical The Himalayan Times: The Himalayan Voice (29).
    The alarming consequences
    As a recent consequence of the total impunity enjoyed by Ram Bomjon and his attendants, the violent attacks returned to Nepal’s Bara District as soon as the Government permitted him to return there in July 2014: as early as on September 2 he already beats 5 men to blood (30).
    The result of the bloodshed? On October 22 he meets Prime Minister Sushil Koirala (31), who offers him support in staying in Halkhoria as well as traveling the world (he gets passport). He is planning to visit Canada, the USA and Europe soon, and spread his very controversial interpretation of “World-Peace” and “Compassion”.


    (12) (Marici attacked by Bomjon)
    (30) (Sep 22, 2014 violence)
    TV news about Bomjon’s controversies on Youtube: (2012, Marici attacked by Bomjon) (Sep 2, 2014 violent attacks by Bomjon) (videos showing Bomjon’s and his cult members’ various controversial actions)
    Collection of some controversial videos:

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