Which is better – PHP or ASP.NET ?

Which is better – Php or Asp.Net ?

Asp.net vs Php

It’s mostly an opinion: who loves Microsoft’s world will tell you that asp.net is better even for job opportunities… who prefers the rest, will say that php is better and will point you the huge amount of sites done with php (and open source cms and so on…), which are more than asp sites. Ever since Microsoft has come up with ASP.net, there has been a widespread debate among programmers as to whether it is any better than the existing open source programming language of PHP.

If you were to make a search on the Internet on how loyalists of both PHP and ASP.net are doing almost everything by biting each other’s heads off, you will realize how hot this debate actually is. The major contention is that Microsoft products are generally considered to be superior to other products, but then there are programmers that have been using PHP since ages and never once has it let them down. While there is acclaim for ASP.net being more robust and speedier, PHP fans maintain that PHP has much better support and a very easy to understand language.

As the debate between PHP and ASP.net rages on, it is important to make a frank comparison between the two languages, so that other developers who are not so strong in their opinions are not caught in the argument between the two.

Both are better, both are Faster and both can write any kind of program. Asp.net supports a huge framework and has many built components and has a grate editing environment (Visual Studio ) through which you can easily write Asp program without worrying about case sensitivity, while PHP editing tool is work such like a notepad. For what a programmer need much strong programming knowledge and syntax.

PHP is easy to learn.  PHP has a wider community.  PHP is not too true to OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

.NET may be tricky at first for beginners.  .NET is very true to OOP.  .NET community is always up to date with the new trends and changes.

PHP can run on almost all platforms. NET will require windows with .NET framework.

PHP is better for those who feel close to PHP and have worked on it for years.  .NET is better for those who have love for windows.  It’s an individuals liking or choice of the programming language they want to use.  PHP is better in its own world and .NET is better in its own arena.


One thought on “Which is better – PHP or ASP.NET ?

  1. Most definitely php. vb.net will be for desktop development. It all depends on what you want your web site to do, for data interaction, php is perfect, just some pages with script, normal html will fine as well.

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