Game Engines that will rule the future


Game Engines that will rule the future

a) Unreal Engine: A powerful toolset that proves to be most worthy to game designers, Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 offers a deep, intuitive toolset and low-level access to code, cutting down on development time and ensuring faster iteration on creative ideas.  The AAA title games like Gears of War Series are developed in the Unreal Engine.The free  version of the unreal engine also known as Unreal Development Kit is available for download at UDK Website.

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b) Cry Engine : Crytek’s Cry Engine  is the fastest , high-end renderer in the world, with features specially designed for console. Anyone who wishes to learn the engine  can download and use it for free from unless and until the engine is not used for commercial purpose. Blockbusters games like Crysis – Series are developed in this engine.

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Anyone who would seek for learning these engines can find handy of resources and tutorials in the World of Level Design Website.



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