Why An Alternate TAX System Is Required In India – Proposed By ArthaKranti Organisation

Why An Alternate TAX System Is Required In India  – Proposed By ArthaKranti Organisation

One more budget has come and gone. The public mind is still reeling under the month long bombardment of hectic financial reporting, endless debates in the media and press about the impact of this tax or the other, and learned articles by the kilo written by the cream of our economic intelligentsia.
The Government, the supreme ruling body is the poorest and most debt-ridden organization in this country. The lack of resources is crippling the entire legislative, administrative and judicial apparatus. The fiscal deficit refuses to go away and the gap between revenue and expenditure continues to widen.
Fifty-eight years after Independence, the number of people and business entities with PAN numbers is less than four percent of the population. The complex taxation system has frustrated everybody from the layman to Taxation experts. Every attempt to scrape up some more revenue by imposing new taxes is driving more and more honest citizens to the conclusion that ‘Evasion equals Survival’.
This perceived need for evasion is encouraging dishonesty and breeding contempt for the law of the land. The damage caused to the moral fabric of society is frightening. What we see around ourselves is the result of a widespread, all encompassing epidemic of corruption, across social divides of every kind, afflicting all, sparing none.
What can be done to arrest this downslide? How can we ever regain the strength of character that our forefathers had? Most importantly, how can we nourish and build our economy to a position of solvency and self-sufficiency?
Can Malaria be treated with a cold tablet? Can Cancer be cured with an antacid? Why then are we still trying to tackle new diseases with outdated medicines? I believe that it is possible to devise a solution fundamentally different, starting afresh from the ground upwards, based on a clear vision of the world as it stands today. It is necessary to design a solution keeping in view our society, our economy and our present.

Click Here for Proposal Draft Proposed By The ArthaKranti. 

Click Here for Technical Presentation of the Proposal.


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