A Self-talk Is Never Ending : Change to Constant Change



A behavioral restructure of attitude, self image and an ego..

I’m not here to explain what is change and what is not..
But it’s the most often question strikes at you..
Friend becomes enemy and enemy becomes friend..
Love becomes hate and hate becomes love..
like turns to dislike and dislike turns to like..

Out of every change, one is aware of some changes while others changes are intruder* or one is not aware..
Your love and dear one often bring such changes to your notice..and then only you get to realize about such changes..
Isn’t the great..the changes which you dint notice but now you are living up with it..

..A change is a self talk which never ends till you end..

Some of these are born out of thought process while some are, out of intention, Intention of self ego image..
To make it more clearer..just ask yourself about the changes that your friends brought it to your notice first and now make it out the reasons of such changes which you have thought off..often you will be betrayed finding out the reasons of it..
Don’t worry, such changes are very much part of your self-talk and it keeps you confused till you start monitor your own web of thoughts..
Inbetween there are also some changes which you are aware of it..
Now we have reached to this level of consciousness and we could say it as :
Change is of two nature..one to which you are not aware while second to which you are not aware. Former one is drives out indirectly out of wish while later is directly drive out of your intention, intention to change..

For More details : http://bit.ly/1dsP0Vk



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