Quantum Physics And Buddha – Why Law Of Attraction Is A Reality

gautam buddha law of attraction

Quantum Physics And Buddha – Why Law Of Attraction Is A Reality : So much has been written about the Law of Attraction, especially since the publishing of “The Secret” in 2006. Basically, the Law of Attraction is the belief that there is power in what you say and think. So if you think negative thoughts, you will attract negative energy, and conversely positive thoughts will attract positive energy. There really is nothing new, or new age about the concept. Many books have been published in the last 100 years extolling the power of positive thinking but knowledge of this power started long before the 20th century.

Ask and ye shall receive. Jesus

What you think, you become. Buddha

In my last post I asked you to write a positive affirmation and carry it with you, and repeat it to yourself frequently. Did you do it? Or are your negative thoughts influencing you?

What’s the point?
I’ve done this before
Nothing is going to come of it
Scientific Proof

For now I want you to consider this. What if reality and how we perceive reality are actually two different things. What if there was real proof that the law of attraction, the power of thought, actually works? Well science, in the form of quantum physics, is finally catching up with what the ancient mystics have always known, that reality is a projection of the mind. There is something in quantum physics called String Theory and the Uncertainty Principal (or Heisenberg Principal). I won’t dare try to explain it in scientific terms, there’s lots of information on the Internet that would do that much better than I ever could. But essentially Heisenberg discovered that the observation of a system in quantum mechanics disturbs the system enough that you can’t know everything about the system. The more precisely you measure the position of a particle, for example, the less it’s possible to precisely measure the particle’s momentum. What??? How does that play out in the law of attraction, you’re wondering? Heisenberg proved that by simply observing something (thinking about it) you effect the outcome. Watch this video and see what I’m talking about. It’s only about 11 minutes but if you want to zero in specifically on the Uncertainty Principal zip the video to 4:44 minutes and wait to have your mind blown. You know there’s a lot of people out there that say that the Law Of Attraction is just new age mumbo jumbo, black magic, hocus pocus and many other things. To tell you the truth, some of the claims are unbelievable and defy the law of Newtonian physics, which is accepted mainstream science. Based on this example, I know that you can say there are 4 types of people:

  1. Those that believe in the Law Of Attraction
  2. Those that don’t believe the Law Of Attraction
  3. Those who are indifferent to the Law Of Attraction
  4. Those who want to discover the truth about the Law Of Attraction through facts and testimonies

Now what if I can present to you some facts that support the Law Of Attraction, will this be worth something? Well I would say give me the facts! The answer lies in a branch of science called Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics.

The Double Slit Experiment
The Double Slit Experiment is one of the foundations of Quantum Physics and the whole premise of the experiment is that using 2 slits and a back wall, if any object fired through the slits will display a pattern consistent with the shape of the slits, but what was discovered that a number of objects going through the slit shows a pattern with light and dark bands or a wave interference pattern. In the experiments, the objects being fired were very small, they were electrons.
Now since it created this wave interference pattern, what caused it? People wanted to find out and one of the most interesting observations discovered was that when they placed a particle detector near the slits to measure the electrons, the wave interference pattern disappeared. What happened? The conclusion was that the particle detector actually interacted with the particles and changed the result.
If we take a look now at the Law Of Attraction coming from this perspective, we can see that we can change the results of our lives and environment through our observation and views of it. In other words, our consciousness and thoughts are energy, if we send out this energy and everything is made up of energy, our bodies made up of atoms and molecules and so forth, we can actually change things over time, but we also have to put in some effort, some action.

Quantum Entanglement
Now that we have gotten through the hard part with the double slit experiment explanation, I want to introduce you to the concept of Quantum Entanglement. Quantum Entanglement describes the relationship between two bodies that interact or entangle with each other and once they do, you cannot describe one object without considering the other object, meaning that both are connected or bonded together. Now, you can separate both of these objects or bodies by various distances around the earth, the moon, somewhere in our galaxy or the Universe, but when one object is interacted upon, a correlating action occurs simultaneously with the other object and within these interactions, time and space do not matter. This was an interesting discovery and one that opens doors about our connectedness within the universe. Now as it relates to the Law Of Attraction, we can believe in the theory of the big bang and say that everything in our known universe was created from this big bang. So in essence, everything in the Universe is entangled with each other. So if everything is entangled, everything around us is connected and interactions between one will result in the same interactions between each and everyone of us or everything throughout the Universe. If we use the Law Of Attraction to bring about our desires, the reason that it works is that using our thoughts, we create an interaction with those things that we have put thought into to interact with us. The Law Of Attraction will bring those people, places and events that will fulfill what we attract, but again it will require our faith and efforts through the Law Of Attraction.

Quantum Physics And Consciousness

If we take the two of the above concepts into perspective, we know that everything is interconnected and interactions between one will cause those interactions to be interspersed to all others. Quantum Physics explores the potentiality of electrons in the Universe, waves of these potential electrons, particles. It is important to understand the word potential in this explanation as it has the potential. What guides this potential can be awareness, consciousness. This consciousness has the ability to utilize these potential particles or potential energy and use it to create what we see as our reality. There have been many experiments where our conscious intentions affect things. I’ve written in another article: “Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work,” about the effects of thoughts and emotions on water crystals in the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto and how these projected thoughts and emotions or consciousness into these waters can create complex and beautiful crystals with dazzling colors when they were filled with positive thoughts and emotions or it can create ugly dull crystals with negative thoughts and emotions. Now I hope that with the facts above, your ideas about the relationship between the Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics has become more clear and I hope that maybe you could have opened up a little more to the potential that the Law Of Attraction could possibly work. The facts are there, you can find numerous experiments where human consciousness has shown to perform miraculous things and many more doors will soon open to the greater possibilities and discoveries.


3 thoughts on “Quantum Physics And Buddha – Why Law Of Attraction Is A Reality

  1. I suspect there is yet a 5th type of person: those you so strongly disagree with the Law of Attraction that they cannot see the “truth” through facts and testimonies.

    After all, because of the Law, we do actually affect scientific studies more than we were taught. That is one of the reasons that so many people successfully find proof for what they are looking for. This is not to be confused with what the study purported to be about or the hypothesis that was generated before the study. We are able to lie to ourselves so convincingly that we are not always aware of our biases–but our vibrations never lie. And the vibrations are what the Law of Attraction is responding to.

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