Benefits of Meditation : You must try it to see the actual benefits

benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation : You must try it to see the actual benefits : Learning or practicing meditation is as simple as doing facebook. Even more easy than answering questions of Quora. Remember meditation is an science and being performed in all cultures in otherways

When we start practicing meditation, we start feeling relaxed, peaceful and happy. This is a kind of inter-generative process. You meditate and you get the reward in forms of joy and happiness, which in turn motivates you to meditate more. In course of time, it becomes your automatic practice.  You feel uneasy and think something is missing from your life if you do not meditate on any particular day. When you start your day with meditation, the peace and joy generated last with you whole day whatever the nature of your activities. It is like taking a healthy and nourishing diet before the start of a strenuous and stressful routine of the day.

Meditation enables you to become aware of your inner resources of joy and peace. You can tap them whenever you feel stressed and worried. You acquire a habit of detached observation. So if something wrong and irritating happens in course of your day, you can view it as a detached observer. You learn to understand the monkey tricks of your mind. You thus get an inner poise that ultimately percolates into your daily life. The peace and joy that you acquire become infectious to those around you. In this way you try to make the whole environment happy and peaceful.

Scientific studies have conclusively proved the benefits of meditation for our mind and body. According to search results released by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, meditation has been shown to produce lasting beneficial changes in immune-system function as well as brain electrical activity. “Researchers found about 50 percent more electrical activity in the left frontal regions of the brains of the meditators. Other research has showed that part of the brain is associated with positive emotions and anxiety reduction.”

Health benefits of meditation  :

  • Stress : Meditation can help prevent stress and slowly release pent up stress.
  • Sensory organs : Meditation opens up your senses and makes your five senses receptive.
  • Reduce anger : While reducing stress, meditation also reduces anger.
  • Make better decision : With daily meditation, you have a calm approach and sharpened alertness and you are now better equipped to make better decisions.
  • Sense of completeness : With reduced anger, low stress levels and increased capacity at work, you will feel you can complete a lot more in your day. With a clear mind, you can think of ways objectively.
  • Happiness : All these positive traits will only heighten your sense of happiness. Daily meditation ensures to fight stress and control rage hence releases happiness hormones.
  • Sleep : Relaxation from daily meditation helps you fall asleep quickly and naturally. Since your mind is clear of worried thoughts you can easily fall asleep, peacefully.

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