Google Revealed New Hummingbird Algorithm Update and How It Will Impact Us ?

humming bird update


Google Revealed New Hummingbird Algorithm Update and How It Will Impact Us ?

Google on Thursday announced a handful of new updates to the company’s search offering, including a major update to Google’s search algorithm that the company calls “Hummingbird.” The new algorithm affects 90% of all searches, and has been in place for about a month, said Amit Singhal, senior VP at Google.

Hummingbird is the company’s most significant algorithm change since Google switched to “Caffeine” back in 2010, says Singhal.

Google also showed off more advanced voice queries, in which your computer or tablet will answer back to you. “Voice will be fundamental to building future interactions with the devices [we use],” says Singhal. Users can ask Google to compare two items, generate a list of songs from a particular artist, or pull statistics about the Eiffel Tower and receive a voice response.

In the case of the Eiffel Tower, a user would need to say “Eiffel Tower” only once in a series of questions, and search will remember the context.

So What has changed in the New Hummingbird Algorithm?

Google may be saying its about Precision and Speed aka actual Hummingbird but the effect of the update is that traffic has increases tremendously for Authority & Branded sites. Need Proof here are the updated Search Engine traffic details of major websites which has witnessed huge spike in traffic since August, 21. – Huge Spike Around August. 21

wikipedia – Again Huge Increase in Search Traffic around August, 21

amazon – Again huge uptick around August, 21

youtube – Another Big Jump

linkedin – Another Proof



Who benefited from Google Hummingbird Updates? Brand & Authority Sites

Who Lost in this Update? Small Players and Non-Authority Sites

What Can I do to conquer Hummingbird Update?

Very Simple! you only need to do 2 things:

  • Become Authority
  • Increase Branding

If you need long tail searches to come to your website you need to become Authority in your niche and promote your brand. So simple we have been telling our clients this since eternity. This is the only way you would Google Proof your website from any update. All our client websites increased in traffic and rankings in this update.


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