Vastu Shastra Expert’s Advice for Designing your Ultimate Dream Kitchen

Vastu kitchen

Ideal Home is built on Ideal Kitchen. it is the core of your lifestyle. People often consider it like any other section getting constructed along. One should seek Vastu Shastra Expert’s Advice while designing it.

The ideal place for a kitchen is the south-east quadrant, which is the quadrant for fire. The other possibility is the north-west which is the quadrant for air. It is appropriate because air supports fire.

  1. Have the sink /wash-basin along the north or north-east.
  2. Do your cooking facing the east or the north and do not have your back to a door while you cook.
  3. Keep your fridge in the north-west corner.
  4. Store your rations along the south-west wall.
  5. Note that the stove should not be placed directly opposite a door.
  6. Something orange in color (symbolic of fire) should be in the kitchen.

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