How to start a Tea Business

assam tea manufacturer

Tea Business is one of the successful business considering the high ROI and of continuous business nature.

About the Tea : Basically Tea is categorized as Black Tea, Green Tea and Orthodox Tea. Each have got few Grades like BOP, BS, BP and many more. For more details, check

  1. Determine what your niche will be. : Identify the Tea you need. Visit
  2. Find a supplier. : Google it and talk to different supplier considering the Inventory, Type and Pricing at last.
  3. Choose the channels of distribution. : How you want to sell it. Online or Offline, B2C or B2B
  4. Market the tea. : Select the nearby area to market as it is easily reachable
  5. Make sure inventory levels are high. : Make sure you have good inventory or streamlined with the supplier so that delivering should not get delayed.

Relating to Registering the firm

For any doubt, please post your comments, we will respond within 24 hrs.

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Assam tea manufacturer

assam tea manufacturer

assam tea manufacturer


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