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travel portal development

We are happy to announce that SpeeDOM is now LIVE and available commercially. This is a break through technology in Internet Booking Engine. SpeeDOM will enables consumers with the :

  1. Fastest Search on this planet. It produces the same fastest search when even more than 6 APIs is deployed.
  2. Framework is based on most complex scenario. Now clients can deploy worst environment with full complexity and SpeeDOM will deliver the expected results only.
  3. Designed to offer Multiple Services from same Platform.  Now offer Travel, Recharge with Online Shopping Services or Classified one.
  4. CMS friendly. Now make your own content and upload without any technical knowledge.
  5. Multi API Handler. For whose who just cant compromise with inventory. Now add API to N Numbers on your own with having any technical skill.

Upcoming Features to be added. We are working day and night to bring next version also

  1. More CMS Friendly. More section will be added and more customized platform will be.
  2. Run on Linux Server. Will enable you to run .Net Platform on Linux server.

For more information, click here www.VoyageGroup.in


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