19 #Battlefield Tips to Handle #Stress At #Work l #StressManagement

work stress

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We’ve all fallen victim to workplace stress at one time or another. And some of us probably even called in sick because of a stress-related illness. Turns out that anxiety, stress and neurotic disorder cases are involved in the highest amount of long-term work loss, according to the Center for Disease Control.

More than half of workers report working under stress, according to a recent CareerBuilder.com survey. This comes as no surprise, we are all too familiar with growing job dissatisfaction, heavy workloads, poor work/life balance and no mandatory vacation time.

1. Throw your head back and shout loudly.

Shout and screaming is a great way to let go of all that pent-up tension that causes stress. Rather than risk being carted off to the asylum by shouting in the streets, let off some steam cheering on your local sport team, or heading to a sports bar. The added social contact will help you unwind even quicker.

2. Shake off jitters.

Speakers tense up in front of audiences because they fixate on how their limbs are moving. Their knees would shake, their voices would tremble, their thoughts would become jumbled… you know the rest. Warm up the link between the brain and body, however, and you’ll stay more fluid. Shake out your arms and legs and make a motorboat sound (in private) with your mouth.

3. Recognize what you can and cannot change.

If you work in the stock market, you’re going to be stressed — that won’t change. But if you make yourself crazy rushing for that 6:35 PM bus, simply get the next bus and save yourself some grief.

4. Break it down.

You’re not Superman or Wonder Woman — so don’t act like one. Setting unrealistic goals only dooms you to failure, which fuels your stress levels. Try splitting a larger, seemingly insurmountable goal into smaller, more reachable targets. It’s far less stressful to aim to write three paragraphs before lunch than it is to complete a whole report by the end of the day.

Make to-do lists and tick of your accomplishments. This will make you feel less stressed as you will see how much you have already achieved and make you realize that no task is insurmountable.

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work stress


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