6 Tips for Re-Purposing Content for Your Website

travel portal development

Content is the King

Here a few inexpensive tips:

  1. Subtract the Sales Pitch : Stop putting Sales Pitch, Instead Put Needs in the Content 
  2. Multimedia is Multipurpose : Multimedia is more meaningful, Instead of Text Content.
  3. Use Hyperlinks : Use Hyperlinks to make customer understand but remeber it should be meaningful. Go and Check 1 again, if it’s not went straight to you.
  4. Leverage Recommendations : Use any Recommendation Tool to engage audiences by recommending other articles
  5. Think Outside Yourself : Do not just stick to one or same topics. Try to take Buzz from other industry. The lognger customers stay with you, the longer he can associate with your purpose.
  6. Make an Editorial Calendar : An editorial calendar might seem like overkill or more trouble than it’s worth but is in fact crucial to planning your content for a number of reasons.

To decide, First, go through below observations which ask you tough questions about the content you publish.

Who is the target audience?

What kind of content might be useful or entertaining for them?

With limited time, what is the priority content?

how often should it be created?
The answer to these questions can help guide how many and which channels are appropriate homes for your content. From there, you can set out optimizing your content for those channels with minimal effort.


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